Krea Electric fire - The revolution of fire

Since the dawn of humanity, we have associated fire with warmth and security. Wherever a person sees a fire, he wants to soak it up and settle down by the magic of the flames. Therefore, an open fire is high on the wish list of many builders. Nowadays, however, many new buildings are equipped with the latest air conditioning technology, which is why an additional heat source is undesirable. This is where the unique KreaFeuer electric fireplaces comes into play. Our electric fireplace provides realistic flames without releasing heat or exhaust gases. This allows you to, without much effort, place it anywhere in the room. Krea electric fireplace is the perfect alternative to a commercial fire. All you need is a power connector, and you’re ready to enjoy the warming spectacle.

This results in the flames of our electronic fire

The living fire arises solely through the use of water vapor combined with the latest lighting technology. The electric fireplace flame of Krea Fire is generated by an ultrasonic membrane. Through this, it creates steam, which is illuminated with technologically advanced halogen spotlights, producing naturalistic flames, which cannot be distinguished from a real fire. The size and intensity of the flames is freely adjustable. The light intensity can be controlled at all times. Our fireplace company, Krea fire also introduces water vapor into the environment and thus ensures the perfect indoor climate.

Krea electric fire spells a unique fire ambience

Our electric fireplace is suitable for any room that deserves a visual enhancement. Put the electric fireplace in living rooms and enchant your family and friends. Impress your customers with the stunning design of your modern electric fire . Take advantage of the luminosity of the electric fireplace to create a warm, romantic atmosphere in private or to create in wellness and in public places, restaurants or bars. Due to its flexibility,  electric fireplace is the highlight in any space. We at Krea Fire must show the most diverse models. Contact us, and soon there will be a cozy electric fire in your rooms.